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Let’s All Help Make Sure There’s #NoKidHungry! 12/20 Give-A-Thon!

19 Dec

Happy Holidays!¬† This is the time of year when we all are even more touched by that giving spirit, and I am honored to be part of an amazing cause and campaign, #NoKidHungry, that’s fun, rewarding, and easy to participate in!

On Thursday, December 20, please join in the effort to help end childhood hunger by helping spread the #NoKidHungry word through tweets, Facebook posts, emails, and/or direct (gentle?) nudging of friends and family. ūüėČ

We will be having a Give-A-Thon all day 12/20, with some amazing surprises and prizes for those generous souls who spread the workd and MAKE A DONATION!

* A generous Share Our Strength donor decided to do something extraordinary this holiday season: personally match all gifts up to $500,000. This means the impact of our Give-A-Thon will be doubled at the end of the day, making twice the difference for kids struggling with hunger!

Team No Kid Hungry Holiday Give-A-Thon

Our Partners

No Kid Hungry Give-A-Thon 12/20/2012 to end childhood hunger

Author note: Join us! Help us spread the word this Thursday! Visit the Team fundraising page.

This Thursday, December 20, we are excited to work with our amazing online community to hold a Team No Kid Hungry Holiday Give-A-Thon. Why now? Why in the middle of the holiday season? There are a number of reasons.

Primarily, hunger doesn’t take a holiday. When EVERY child should be excited for winter breaks, many know exactly how many school meals they will miss over the holidays, and don’t know from where their next meal will come. It is important for us to remember these children and their families during this time.

Fortunately, you can help. A $25 donation can connect a child to up to 250 meals. Are you wondering what to get that family member who has everything? Or are you trying to find something special for a friend? Consider giving the gift of No Kid Hungry this holiday season ‚Äď a meaningful, and truly life-changing gift.

Through our countless online advocates and our Team No Kid Hungry community, we are making a day of it, and hosting our Holiday Give-A-Thon, complete with incredible prizes throughout the day that will amaze you! If we hit $10,000* in donations, one lucky donor will receive an iPad mini. Drawings will take place all day, so please spend the day with us!

Are you on Facebook? Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow our posts this week. On Twitter? Follow us here, and join in the #nokidhungry conversation. Check back on Facebook as we post our list of giveaway items!

How can you help prior to the Give-A-Thon? Share our Facebook posts, retweet our Give-A-Thon tweets, and spread the word. Plan your holiday shopping list, and do some one-stop, tax-deductible shopping here on Thursday.

The day will be hosted by our No Kid Hungry Social Council. Find out more, and consider getting involved!¬† Click ‚ÄúJoin the Blogger Council‚ÄĚ and we will be in touch. Thank you for all you do, for sharing your strengths with us.

Special thanks to friends (and Good Plus Tech client) AnchorFree for donating many annual HotSpot Shield Elite annual subscriptions (valued at $29.95 each!) , to be given to donors around various goals during the day on 12/20!  Stay safe keeping in touch, shopping, and making donations on all those mobile devices!


19 Ways To Be More Optimistic

30 Jun

This adapted post originally appears in The Huffington Post.

19 Ways to be More Optimistic

Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to see the sunny side of things? How missed flights can turn into adventures, bad directions can deliver them to exciting new locales, lost opportunities lead them to new learning, and unexpected changes in plans leave them feeling more spontaneous than flustered? How does that work, exactly?

Perhaps it’s like Henry David Thoreau once said:

“It’s not what you look at that matters,
it’s what you see.” ~ H.D. Thoreau

The same people tend to see the glass as half full.

Photo from Selin Jessa

Many things in life are open to interpretation. Luckily, we each have 100% control of our own attitude about something, regardless of how much or little control we have over that something itself. With that in mind, here are a few tips to make the bright side shine a little more often in any situation.

Count your blessings Make a written (or mental) list of things you are thankful for, from very small to very big and anywhere in between.  To really boost your spirits, set a number (like 100) and then just keep jotting everything down til you reach it.  It’s amazing what the mind remembers when focused!

Notice little unexpected things Pay special attention to things you don‚Äôt normally ‚Äúsee,‚ÄĚ like the expression on kids‚Äô faces when they‚Äôre playing, the sound birds are making in the background, or a little breeze.

Your mind maps your path; keep it sunny! Photo by Amy Neumann

Be grateful for the good  Being thankful for what we already have is a tried and true way to feel better.  Sometimes we get caught up thinking of what else is out there, when we have so many big and small things to be grateful for at any given moment.

Help someone else Helping others takes the focus off our own ego and needs, and helps channel our energy into creating a better world for others.  Studies show that helping others has multiple surprising benefits to our health and well-being.  Here are 10 online tools to get you started finding a great volunteer opportunity.

Decide to be happy today  This one is easy.  Change your lense.  Make a conscious decision to see the positive, to be kind to others, to be grateful, and to be nice to yourself.

Smile at a stranger (and make two people happy) Smiling is another time-tested way to feel more optimistic.¬† Even if you ‚Äúfake it til you make it,‚ÄĚ and smile when you don‚Äôt *really* feel like it, your brain thinks you feel better.¬† People who see others smiling also feel more positive .¬† Win, win!

Turn a perceived negative into a positive Also know as ‚Äúfinding the silver lining.‚Ä̬† Trip cancelled?¬† Now there‚Äôs time to do that home project you‚Äôve been wanting to do. Raining on picnic day?¬† Find a creative picnic spot indoors, preferably with candles.¬† Challenge yourself by filling in this blank:¬† ‚ÄúOne good thing about this situation is __________.‚ÄĚ

Read positive news  Proactively look for positive stories and news sources that highlight all the good in the world, like these 15 uplifting, positive sites.

Read uplifting quotes and stories  Social media is great for this.  Facebook and Pinterest are full of fun pictures; Twitter has a never-ending stream of positive #quotes.  Download an uplifting eBook, or borrow one from the library.

Set a small goal, then do it Try something easy, quick, and ideally a bit fun.  Even small chores work.  Make a little list, check them off as you do them, and feel the accomplishment endorphins kick in!

Hang out with positive people  Being around optimistic people helps you see what they see.  Like negativity, positivity feeds on itself, creating more positivity and bolstering that worldview.  Surround yourself with optimism!

Remember that ultimately, almost everything is a choice You can choose your viewpoint, what you focus on, you reaction to a situation, your attitude toward people and events, and almost anything else.  While bigger changes may require more planning and deliberation, they also are choices; you control your destiny.

Laugh The best medicine!  Get a little comedy in your diet.  Here are 8 ways laughter helps with a positive and optimistic outlook.

Move Exercise can be structured, but it’s also great to just grab a quick walk.  Anything to get the blood flowing and more air into the lungs works.  Many people report feeling inspired and even more creative while exercising.

Absorb nature Getting out and about in nature ‚Äď or even focusing more deeply on everyday things you see outdoors ‚Äď helps remind us that we‚Äôre all in this journey together.¬† Seeing the amazing intricacies in even the tiniest creatures can help refocus appreciation.

‚ÄúThere are always flowers for those who wish to see them.‚ÄĚ ~ Henri Matisse¬†

Remember simple things  Friends, family, free activities.  Sometimes simpler is better.  The things money can’t buy are often what we remember best.  In addition to doing them, reminiscing through pictures, scrapbooks, or journals keeps happy memories on tap.

‚ÄúEnjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.‚ÄĚ ~ Robert Brault

Dive into a passion Let your creative inner child out to play.  Somewhere in your mind is that artist, adventurer, writer, dreamer, explorer, poet, sports star, singer, comic, teacher, actor, do-it-yourselfer.  Find out what they have in mind and give it a whirl!

Write down dreams and goals, and how you think achieving them feels Visualizing positive outcomes conjures up positive feelings, almost as well as actually achieving the goals.  Your mind feels the win, creating a feeling of optimism and hope.  Things like vision boards, writing down concrete goals, and keeping a journal can also contribute to this visionary process and sense of optimism.

‚ÄúFor myself, I am an optimist ‚Äď it does not seem much use being anything else.‚ÄĚ ~ Winston Churchill

Rainy day, or best puddle ever? Photo courtesy of Amy Neumann

Amy Neumann is a social entrepreneur, writer, speaker and consultant on social good marketing. Check out her Charity Ideas Blog and follow her on Twitter @CharityIdeas.

10 Ways You Can Help to Stop Bullying | #stopbullying via @WakingUpCourage

27 Apr

10 Ways You Can Help To Stop Bullying

Apr 20 2012

by Rick Phillips, Executive Director of Community Matters

This article originally appears on

How many times has an incident or a tragic event stirred your emotions leaving you feeling shocked, saddened or angry? For many of us in today’s 24-hour news and media blitz, this is a fairly common occurrence. The question is this; what do we do when we are emotionally triggered by a disturbing incident or event?

We have a choice. We can be overwhelmed by the size and scope of the issue and do nothing, or we can wake up our courage and do something that contributes to making things better.

Bully, the recently released documentary film provides us with a powerful opportunity to take action and raise our collective voices. Let us choose to stand up and speak up, and be agents of change.

10 Ways You Can Help To Stop Bullying

1. Build healthy relationships with the people around you: your children, children in your community, classmates, co-workers, neighbors, parents, players on your team, etc.

2. Educate yourself.  Know that bullying today is more relational and cyber than it is physical. Read more, go on-line, dialogue with others, etc. Bullying is just one form of mistreatment. Know what’s not OK, what hurts others (physically or emotionally).

3. Sharpen your communication skills so you can connect with others, understand them; keep the channels of communication open.

4. Walk the talk ‚Äď don‚Äôt bully others. Be kind. Use your influence with care and compassion.

5. Be observant and notice what others say and do, and don’t ignore mistreatment.

6. Intervene. Stand up and speak up to mistreatment. Voice your concern or objection. Suggest an alternative or get help if it’s bigger than you are.

7. Refuse to join in. If all else fails and it doesn’t feel safe to intervene, walk away and report it when appropriate.

8. Offer support to the person(s) being targeted. Show that you care.

9. Advocate. Be a voice for constructive change in priorities, policies, and practices, in schools and other organizations. Make ‚Äúpositive social-emotional climate‚ÄĚ a top priority.

10. Know that individual action matters and starts a chain reaction of positive change.

When we take action and speak up, we are initiating change.  Together our actions can go a long way to creating a more just and more peaceful world.

‚ÄúIf your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.‚ÄĚ
– John Quincy Adams

Thank You Everyone Who Supported #12DaysofGiving! $13,725 Raised!

29 Dec

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.  ~G.K. Chesterton

It’s incredible to think about how everyone came together in social media and in 12 Days of Giving, donated $13,725!¬† Words alone cannot express enough gratitude…the thrill of seeing the teamwork and passion around this group effort of giving, and the impact that resulted!¬† Thanks to the 12 Champions and 12 Causes and to Crowdrise for sharing these amazing causes with all of your friends!¬† Wow.¬† Thousands of small, meaningful actions really can change the world, and social media proves that every day!

Here’s a list of the 212 individual donations #12DaysofGiving received.¬† THANK YOU!

:: Thanks! ~>     Rick and Kathy    :: Thanks! ~>     Kathy Meyer
:: Thanks! ~>     Anonymous    :: Thanks! ~>     Hoang
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:: Thanks! ~>     Beth Kanter     :: Thanks! ~>     RachelintheOC
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Share the Joy: 12 Days of Giving – #12DaysOfGiving

12 Dec

This also appears on the Huffington Post.

“One person can make a difference, and every person should try.” ~ John F. Kennedy

‘Tis better to give than receive, as the old adage goes. And at no time of year do we feel this more keenly than the holidays! The spirit of giving is everywhere. People are a little kinder, a little more generous, and a little more willing to help a stranger.

All of these things led to the #12DaysofGiving, a 12-day bonanza of giving, sharing, and promoting social good from 12/13 to 12/24. Each day, amazing people and charities will be highlighted, with the goal to raise over $12,000 for the causes, as well to enlist the help of millions of passionate social media users globally to help spread awareness. The goal is not only to show support for these causes, but also to illustrate the power of social media for social good and the massive impact thousands of small, meaningful actions can help when used collectively.


12 Outstanding Charities.
12 Inspiring Influencers.
12 Days of Giving…
One Amazing Project

How can you help? First, please share this on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, your Blog, and email. And if you can, please make a small (or huge!) donation on Crowdrise to any or all of the diverse group of incredible charities here.
You can follow @12DaysGiving, and learn more on the 12 Days of Giving site, or on Crowdrise.

Happy giving!

Podcast (iTunes) #2: Amy Neumann and @CharityIdeas – on

5 Dec

Thank you to one of my favorite Social Good Stars, Claire Diaz-Ortiz!  This piece originally appears on Р

The podcast is also available for free on iTunes – “The Claire Diaz-Ortiz Podcast” >> “Amy Neumann & @CharityIdeas”

Podcast #2: Amy Neumann and @CharityIdeas

December 1, 2011 By
Alright folks.  My second podcast episodeis live.  Join me as I chat with Amy Neumann (@charityideason the Twitters) about her passion for technology and how she got started in the business of world changing.  Here!

Click above for the podcast on or check it out on iTunes.

Twitter for Good #mybook

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Social Media for Social Good

24 Oct

Thank you to Arizona State University for having me as a featured workshop presenter at your 19th annual Sustainability Conference!¬† Held at ASU Lodestar’s Dessert Willow Conference Center in Phoenix, Arizona, October 14, 2011, it featured some of the most brilliant minds on Collective Impact.¬† This year’s theme was “‘Go fast, go alone; go far, go together’: Collective Impact.” ¬†Nearly 250 nonprofit leaders, community partners, students and professionals from across all sectors – business, government, general public, and nonprofit participated.

In the 90-minute Workshop, we covered a multitude of reasons why social media works so well for social good, and got many brilliant questions.¬† Although we can’t recreate the full session, the entire Keynote presentation can be downloaded for free¬† HERE.

[And I’m always reachable on ]

Warren Buffett himself has quoted the wise ancient Chinese proverb — “To go fast, go alone; to go far, go together.” And it’s eloquently perfect for social media.

To put it another equally eloquent way, when thinking of social media:

“Luck is quite predictable.¬† If you want more luck, take more chances.¬† Be more active.¬† Show up more often.” ~ Brian Tracy

Essentially, that’s what social media is.¬† Conversations between people interested in the same things, in places convenient to them, when it’s handy.¬† If you’re in all the right places, at all the right times, with all the right messages, everyone will happily work together, almost instinctually.¬† That’s the message.¬† And that’s what I believe is the theme of social media, for Collective Impact, and for Social Good.

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