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Pinterest: 101+ #Infographics on Social Media, Job Search, SEO, and Mobile – Plus #Quotes

1 Feb

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Image from Mashable

Like so many of us, I am a bit obsessed with infographics.  They lay out complex statistics, timelines, and interesting facts in a simple, visually-appealling way.  With a quick glance, it all makes sense, whatever the topic may be!

Pinterest, the latest social media network taking the world by storm, is all about visuals – “pinning” your favorite images – photos, graphics, infographics – onto boards you share with other like-minded people with similar interests.  It’s a bit like creating Lists, or Groups, but it’s all about the visual element.

This creates dizzying opportunities to share great infographics, and I’ve found it incredibly useful for keeping some of the best ones I come across filed together in one place for easy access.

Here are some favorites!  Check back often – new ones are constantly being added.  And please connect so I can see your boards too!

For all the latest infographics, along with fun Geeky things, positive quotes, and more, please join me in sharing on Pinterest!

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