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What #ProgressIs

14 Feb

► #ProgressIs appreciating + sharing the finer things, including optimism, hope, our unique talents & gifts. #litcandle RT @CharityIdeas

This is exciting!

Because of their intriguing “Progress Is” commercials showing a new way of viewing nice things, I entered Audi’s contest. More about that below…

First prize is $25,000 to donate to charity, and here’s how we can win it with teamwork!

1. RT what YOU think Progress Is – include hashtags #litcandle & #ProgressIs so I can include it for the contest!

2. RT tweets with #litcandle #ProgressIs LIKE ~> ► #ProgressIs appreciating + sharing the finer things, including optimism, hope, our unique talents & gifts. #litcandle RT @CharityIdeas

3. Comment on this post

4. View & comment on Twitpics like this one

Together we’re in it to win it!

You can track the Top 10 Finalist Leaderboard here:

Now why I entered…

Audi took a new position on how wealth is viewed. Out with the old – materialist flamboyancy, collecting things instead of experiences. In with the new – quality, satisfaction, a job well done, family and friends, remembering to share.

This mindset’s close to my heart, so it struck me as quite refreshing. And since I’ve only heard good things about Audi from friends, thought I’d join in the fun and try to win $25,000 for charity doing it! First prize also includes racing lessons in an Audi R8 – now *there’s* a life experience!

So please comment below on what YOU think #ProgressIs, and pass this link along!

Twitter Friends Unite, Climbing a Huge Mountain for Charity: Water

8 Nov

MERA PEAK – 6,476 metres (21,247 ft)

In the Everest range, Mera Peak is the highest trekking peak in Nepal. This will make a huge challenge for the Twitterteam. Most have never been anywhere near as high nor walked for so long in many days, never mind upwards.

To climb this Mountain, in April 2012, the team will need 3 weeks of guts, determination, willpower and teamwork to reach the goal at the top, as well as a massive year training/preparing…

Twitter Team Himalayas

Charity: Water

Meet #TeamMera

HOW TO: Set Up and Start Using Twitter in 3 Minutes

3 Nov

1. Sign Up:

2. Use your name or pick a short, simple, memorable or self-explanatory name.
-Only letters and numbers (and underscores) are allowed. Try to avoid an underscore ( _), as it’s tough to type on mobile devices. Use numbers sparingly. (Mine is @CharityIdeas)

3. Fill out the 140-character bio fully. Many people won’t follow anyone who doesn’t have a bio.

4. Add a link to a site of yours, or an organization you like. You can take out the www part so people can read more of it at a glance. Sample:

5. Upload a picture or “avatar”. Most people won’t follow someone with a default avatar (square with a bird) as it’s a spammer favorite.
-A real picture of yourself works best for most personal accounts.

6. Always shorten URLs with a link-shortening tool like so you have more room in your tweet.

7. If you see an interesting tweet, you can “forward” or ReTweet (RT) it by putting: RT @username123 Copy of what their tweet said.

8. Try to keep tweets under 120 characters so others can easily RT.

9. To send a reply to someone specific, start the tweet with @theirusername , i.e. @ClaireD Love your “Twitter for Good” book!  #Twitter4Good
-To see who’s sending you messages or mentioning you, check your “@Mentions”
-Direct Messages or DMs are messages sent “privately” to one user from another; someone must be following you for you to be able to DM them.

10. The # is called a “hashtag”, used to tag tweets. If you add a # (hashtag) in front of a keyword, people can track & find easily with tools and search.
-It shows a purposeful use of a word so others can find it. i.e., #philanthropy will be found by others interested in philanthropy.

11. Try a tool like TweetDeck or HootSuite to make it easier once you get going. Hootsuite, Seesmic and CoTweet allow multiple users to tweet on one account.

Great resource from

50+ Awesome Twitter Tips to become a Pro:

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