Being #Eco-Friendly,The Simple Things: Paper Towels vs. Cloth?

28 May

I am so appreciative of everyone who wants to hear my thoughts.  Thank you!

Sometimes the most simple things create impact. I love to talk about anything that creates impact.  This “small” thing caught me off guard with its effectiveness!

Here’s a personal experience you might relate to in light of all the smart frugal insights going on…

So a couple months ago I ordered some huck towels on Amazon – 50 for $20 – to replace paper towels in my home. (There were so many huck towels that I gave 10 to my mom and 10 to my sister.) Basically, these are simple towels you keep in a bowl by the sink that you use instead of paper towels.

Paper towels – thank you for your service!  We don’t need you much anymore now, though.  Huck towels are the way to go!

They’re super easy, and much better for most things. (I still use paper towels when I put bacon on a platter to drain the grease.)

Today I somehow had all the towels in the wash at the same time and really felt – like I hadn’t in months – how often I used them. I grabbed other towels but realized that I probably went for “something” 10 or 15 times while cooking, 5-10 times while tidying the counter, and several times just doing whatnot.

Drying your hands is a big culprit.

All those quick “dabs and tosses” could be adding up without thinking about it!

How may times a day do you dab your clean hands on a paper towel?  If you’re like me, it’s lots.  Lots of sheets of paper towels that could stay trees.

I also realized that I used to go through a Sam’s Club allotment (12 rolls? 18?) of paper towels maybe every couple weeks, but one roll now lasted about a month or more.

And, it is so much better to have a proper heavy-ish towel for anything instead of a paper towel. Cleaning, microwaving (except things with cheese?), tidying, snacking – so much better. Sturdy! Also – everything comes out in the wash.

I initially wondered if it would be “worth it” from a convenience standpoint. It’s immensely better actually. Picture anything you want to do, but with something 100x sturdier – it wins every time.

Logistically, I throw the “heavily used” aka “gross” ones into a special bin under the sink – like you’d do with a paper towel for the trash – into a cute small laundry bin.

Surprisingly – or not – most small chores a paper towel would do, don’t really dirty a towel. So, there’s not much overall laundry on behalf of this effort. For example, dabbing your clean hands to dry them doesn’t create much mess. Ditto being adjacent to a snack.

Snacks are the best…no need to bring innocent paper towels into it though!  Huck towels (or any kitchen towel) are sturdier, even to just to wrap around a snack for a minute.

And when there is a certain need for cleanup (pet messes?), it’s something no mere paper towel could handle anyway. 😉

I’ve saved dozens of paper towel rolls (and their cost) per week or month and actually have a better experience at the same time.

Surprisingly, this is one thing that effectually (feels better, works better, easier, cheaper) is all positive, no negative from me. Absolutely, this is one of the most painless ways to save $10 a week AND help the environment that exists out there.

Best simple “eco-friendly” move I’ve made so far, easily.

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