17 Reasons to Be Grateful in 2017

1 Jan

2017 is a year to celebrate!

Fall istock

Here are 17 simple reasons why you can appreciate and be thankful and grateful for 2017, because You matter:

  • People love you. Your friends, family, co-workers – they appreciate you!
  • You have all your senses – you can see the sunrise, taste cold water, smell the winter (or the spring), hear nature and the the people you love, feel and touch anything you decide to touch.
  • You can travel anywhere you want. Even if you don’t have two dimes to rub together you can travel in your mind to any place you want by reading a book.
  • You have the ability to change a life by smiling at a stranger every day. It could be the smile that makes a difference.
  • You can see the beauty of everything. “It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.” – HD Thoreau
  • You decide every day to make the world a better place by being kind. Do one kind deed today.
  • You can read. Most of the 7 billion people in the world can’t.
  • You can make a difference. Pick a cause and volunteer, donate, or tell a friend about it.
  • You bring a special light to the world. No one else is exactly like you. That is awesome!
  • You can move. You can run, walk, skip, jump, shimmy, anything you want.
  • You can speak. Your voice can change a life. You have the ability to tell someone your ideas and thoughts.
  • You can decide. You can tell someone yes, no, maybe. You can be the deciding voice about something important.
  • You can build. You can find your passion and turn it into something that can help other people get to where they want to go.
  • You can lend a hand to someone. Big or little, you can grab a hand and say “I’ve got you.” You can help someone even by listening.
  • You can gift someone. Maybe it’s as simple as a bigger tip than usual, or a word of encouragement to someone who seems stressed.
  • You can tell someone Thank You. That’s always a kind, fresh breeze on a hard day.
  • You can appreciate all the people who appreciate and love you. Take two minutes to write down all the names of the people you love and appreciate. Those are also all the people who love an appreciate you, who you can be thankful and grateful for every day in 2017.

What do you appreciate in 2017?   Please share your comments below!  Thanks, and happy 2017!


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